Meet the Lamas

Hello & Hola!

We’re Alberto & Lauren Lama, the husband & wife duo behind Traveling Lamas. Hailing from vibrant Mexico City (he) and the glorious ‘burbs of Maryland (she), it was a wine bar in NYC that brought us together one serendipitous summer eve in 2012. A few pours and many sparks later, the rest was history. We got hitched along Mexico’s Riviera Maya and have since embarked on a number of adventures furthering our shared passion for travel, shenanigans and taking the road less traveled – especially when it leads to an epic road trip.

How are we able to travel so much? It’s all thanks to living the adventure…er, hustle 😉 of self-employed life.

Believe it or not, neither of us has ever had a “normal” 9-5 job. I (Lauren) flew the suburban coop of Maryland for the hustle & bustle of NYC straight after high school, where I attended and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications. Gravitating towards the world of public relations, right out of the gate I started freelancing with my own clients in the fashion & lifestyle space. Soon I was able to launch my own boutique fashion PR agency, where I specialized in media relations & publicity, event planning & production, copywriting and social media management for over a decade. 

Meanwhile in Mexico City, Alberto graduated university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications. After spending a few years working freelance in sales & marketing, he decided to pursue his true passion of photography – in the center of it all no less: New York City! Here, Alberto hit the ground running, studying professional photography while simultaneously bartending, DJ’ing and even trying his hand at real estate (which has since come full circle!). Soon he found his calling in photography as not only his passion, but a door to beautiful cultures, people and places around the world.

Fast forward to the present, and I have since pivoted my skill sets from fashion PR into the amazing worlds of travel & weddings alongside Alberto. Now, we specialize in travel, wedding, real estate and lifestyle photography, in addition to real estate sales in Tulum, primarily splitting our time between our two beloved homes: New York City and the Riviera Maya. All while embarking on further escapades around the globe as much as possible, of course!

Here on we’ve created a space to share our global adventures (and let’s not forget misadventures!) through self-curated travel guides, hotel & destination spotlights and further wander-worthy content designed to inform, inspire and fuel your own road less traveled.

📍NYC – Riviera Maya – World 🌎✈️

Hablas español and interested in learning the art of photography? Check out Alberto’s first book, Aprende Fotografia y su Negocio, on Amazon here!

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10 Q’s with the Lama’s:

Originally from: 

Lauren: Frederick, Maryland

Alberto: Mexico City 

Languages we speak:

Lauren: English (fluent), Spanish (getting there)

Alberto: Spanish (fluent), English (fluent), German (starting)

1st passport stamp:

Lauren: Bahamas

Alberto: Cuba

Favorite place we’ve visited thus far:

Lauren: South of Spain

Alberto: Iceland. Photographer’s paradise!

Most adventurous food item we’ve eaten:

Lauren: Gusano (worm) tacos.

Alberto: Roasted tarantula. Not as bad as it sounds. 😉

High on our travel bucket lists:

Lauren: Antarctica

Alberto: India

Currently bingeing on Netflix:

Lauren: Frontera Verde

Alberto: Night on Earth

Window or aisle:

Lauren: Window

Alberto: Aisle

Sunrise or sunset:

Lauren: Sunset! I am not a morning person.

Alberto: Sunrise…I am a morning person!

Sky dive or Scuba dive:

Lauren: Sky dive

Alberto: Scuba dive

Lauren & Alberto Lama_Monument Valley_Photo by @travelinglamas