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The Lamas in Morocco I photo credit @travelinglamas

We’re Lauren & Alberto Lama, the husband & wife duo behind Traveling Lamas. Hailing from the ‘burbs of Maryland (she) and Mexico City (he), it was a wine bar in NYC that brought us together one serendipitous summer night in 2012. A few pours and many sparks later, the rest was history. We got hitched along Mexico’s Riviera Maya and have since embarked on a number of adventures furthering our shared passion for travel, shenanigans and taking the road less traveled – especially when it means an epic road trip.

Thanks to living the hustle of self-employed life (he: travel & wedding photography, she: writing & communications) we feel fortunate to have flexible schedules that allow us to KEEP our jobs while traveling the world! Combining said skill sets of writing & photography, we’ve teamed up to create a space to share our adventures through personally curated travel guides, destination spotlights, travel tips & tricks, and further wander-worthy content designed to inform, inspire and fuel your own road less (or more) traveled – we don’t judge. 😉

NYC based, globally inspired. 🌎✈️

Hablas español and interested in learning the art of photography? Check out Alberto’s first book, Aprende Fotografia y su Negocio, on Amazon here!

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10 Q’s with the Lama’s:

Originally from: 

Lauren: Frederick, Maryland

Alberto: Mexico City 

Languages we speak:

Lauren: English (fluent), Spanish (getting there), Italian (starting)

Alberto: Spanish (fluent), English (fluent), German (getting there), Thai (starting)

1st passport stamp:

Lauren: Bahamas

Alberto: Cuba

Favorite place we’ve visited thus far:

Lauren: South of Spain

Alberto: Iceland. Photographer’s paradise!

Most adventurous food item we’ve eaten:

Lauren: Gusano (worm) tacos.

Alberto: Stewed snake.

High on our travel bucket lists:

Lauren: Antarctica

Alberto: India

Currently bingeing on Netflix:

Lauren: La Casa de Papel

Alberto: Great Human Odyssey

Window or aisle:

Lauren: Window

Alberto: Aisle

Sunrise or sunset:

Lauren: Sunset! I am not a morning person.

Alberto: Sunrise…I am a morning person!

Sky dive or Scuba dive:

Lauren: Sky dive

Alberto: Scuba dive