These 3 New Mind + Body Hot Spots in NYC Are Helping You Relax, Reflect and Chill (Literally)

INSCAPE Meditation Studio I These 3 New Mind + Body Hot Spots in NYC Are Helping You Relax, Reflect and Chill (Literally) I {un}covered

Take a chill pill.

Above image courtesy of Inscape.

In today’s on-the-go, increasingly plugged-in culture, it can be more than a challenge to make time to truly zone out – not to mention zen out. But a growing number of mind and body destinations worldwide are looking to flip this outlook with a dedicated focus on R&R. Here, 3 such destinations in New York City offering unplugged experiences not just as a temporary fix, but as a way of life. Whether you’re looking to restore, reflect or simply relax, these new hot spots are putting a seriously elevated spin on the chill pill.

Chill Space 

Founded in October 2016 by Dr. Joshua Kantor, Midtown East’s Chill Space NYC offers 3 innovative therapies to help you relax, restore, rejuvenate and chill – literally. Guests of the spa can choose between entering the whole-body Cryosauna chamber, experiencing the ultimate meditative state with Floatation Therapy or sweating it out in the detoxifying Infrared Sauna. And with 20 years of experience helping patients achieve peak wellness operating The Kinesiology Center for Health and Human Performance, this guy knows what he’s talking about.

Utilizing the latest technology derived from Finland, Chill Space’s Cryosauna emits nitrogen mist at a plunging temp of -220 degrees Fahrenheit. During the 3-minute hyper-cooling process your skin’s temperature will lower to 40 degrees, accelerating muscle recovery and producing a rush of endorphins. Effectively replacing the outdated ice bath formerly used by athletes, Cryotherapy offers a number of healing and rejuvenating effects including pain relief, decreased inflammation, relief for arthritic conditions, plus – the ability to burn up to 600 calories in a matter of minutes. $75.00 for a single session; $60.00 for your first. 

Also known as Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy (or REST), Floatation Therapy triggers the body’s natural relaxation response as your mind and body gently slip into deeper consciousness – think of it as a meditative gateway. And don’t worry, with 1250 pounds of pure Epsom salts infused within the 6×8 float cabin’s shallow water, the resulting buoyancy means your body will float easily, and effortlessly. Your 1-hour session is housed in a private, dim and soundproof room with temperature-controlled water at a constant 94 degrees, offering a truly peaceful, “womb-like” experience. $115.00 for a single session; $95.00 for your first.

Taking the sauna experience to a whole new level, Chill Space’s full-spectrum Infrared Sauna heals and detoxifies at a temperature of 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit by combining three separate wavelengths of infrared light with chromotherapy (or color light therapy). Heating the body from within, (1) 20-30 minute session boasts such healing benefits as joint pain relief, increased blood flow and cardiovascular circulation, loosened and relaxed muscles, lowered blood pressure, stress relief and even an increase in metabolic rate. Basically, you’re getting all of the mind and body benefits of infrared light that you get from the sun, without the skin-harmful UVA/UVB rays. $55.00 for a single session; $45.00 for your first.

Above images courtesy of Chill Space.

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Also opened this past Fall, Flatiron’s Inscape delivers immersive meditation and relaxation experiences brought to you by INTERMIX Founder turned meditation-mogul Khajak Keledjian. Far removed from the distractions and stress of everyday life, this unplugged sanctuary aims to inspire and empower guests to connect with your best self, find balance and live life to your fullest potential.

Choose from calming, teacher-less group experiences guided completely by audio such as Deep Rest, Focus, Mindfulness, Mantra and Deep Sound, housed in either of two relaxation rooms: the Dome or the Alcove (the latter also hosts seasonal art installations). Each session combines light, sound and scent with breathing techniques and inner reflection for the ultimate multi-sensory, meditative experience. Cellphone attached to your hip? Learn to do without during your 22 minute to 1+ hour session – for obvious reasons, both meditation rooms are phone-free zones. $18.00 – $29.00 per single session; packages and memberships also available offering discounted rates.

Plus: on your way in, and out, of Inscape, don’t forget to peruse the well-curated wellness boutique and (with cell phone back in-hand) take a snap of the highly Instagrammable entry lounge.

Not in NYC? The same audio guides playing overhead in the Dome and Alcove are also available via Inscape’s app, offering personalized, on-demand guided meditation and relaxation techniques tailored to your schedule (just answer a brief questionnaire once you download). $12.99/month or $89.99 for the year.

Above images courtesy of Inscape.

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Just opened this past March, the Lower East Side’s Chillhouse presents a day spa-nail salon-coffee bar hybrid that is, aptly enough, the epitome of chill. No appointment? No problem. Walk-ins are not only welcome but encouraged at this no-attitude escape designed for the busy urbanite, brought to you by Taste the Style and Den Hospitality’s Cyndi Ramirez.

Upon entering the airy, white-washed space (that you’ve likely already seen splashed across Instagram), you’ll be greeted by a full service coffee bar serving up everything from matcha lattes and espresso to herbal teas and organic wines. Oh – and an unmissable neon sign reminding guests to stop and “Chill.”

Just beyond you’ll encounter the 10-seat marble nail bar, where you can opt for manicures from the 15-minute “Quick Fix” ($15.00) to “The Full Monty” (from $35.00). Feeling fancy? Treat your digits to a signature nail design such as the “Matisse,” “Latte Life,” or “Discoteca” ($35.00 – $75.00).

Believing that massage should be a way of life – not just a splurge – body care is offered in a range of affordable treatments from time-efficient to deep relaxation. On-the-go? Try the 25-minute “Express Focus,” ($39.00) a table massage getting out the kinks in a single targeted area. For those looking for more attention, go for a 50 minute ($69.00) or 80 minute ($99.00) session, available in 5 massage treatments ranging from the mind and body calming “Chill Pill” to the sinus-clearing and kidney-flushing “Hangover Cure.” Plus, pick up extras like Aromatherapy, Heat Packs and Deep Tissue for just $8.00 – $10.00 more.

Above images courtesy of Chillhouse.