Here’s Why LYCRA® is Your New Athleisure BFF I Dedicated

Here’s Why LYCRA® is Your New Athleisure BFF I {un}covered

6 ways the performance fiber is moving you, and athleisure. / dedicated feature

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As any good athleisure addict knows, it’s not just how you look in your fave barre to brunch tank + legging combo – it’s how you feel, and more importantly, move. A mission after our own heart? LYCRA® MOVES ATHLEISURE™, an initiative from the leading performance fiber (most likely already found in at least half of your current athleisure stash) to keep you moving with a new range of superior fiber innovations specifically designed for our favorite non-restrictive, wear-everywhere attire.

A market segment that, luckily for us, shows no signs of slowing down. According to Morgan Stanley, the $270 billion sports apparel and footwear segments are up 42% in the past seven years, and are predicted to jump another 30% by 2020. So to anyone who questions you about spending nearly your entire paycheck stocking up on more bralettes and cut-out crops, you can enlighten them that these are investment pieces. Plus – you’re in good company. When asked what athleisure silhouette LYCRA® sees taking off the most heading into 2017, Pattie Ficorilli, Senior Marketing Manager of Intimates, says:

“I see bralettes and less-structured bra silhouettes becoming very popular among consumers as they embrace the casualization of the apparel market.”

Being unveiled to industry movers and shakers this week at the prestigious Interfiliere textile show in New York, we have your first look at six new LYCRA® technologies soon to make their way into your athleisure wardrobe – ensuring you stay on the move wherever the day (or night) leads.

Here’s Why LYCRA® is Your New Athleisure BFF I {un}covered I

1. LYCRA® COOLING Technology

Whether sweating it out at the gym, or rushing from work to happy hour (because both activities burn the same amount of calories, right? a girl can dream…), nothing’s worse than sitting in damp, sweat-retaining, uncomfortable clothes. Enter LYCRA® Cooling Technology, combining shaping performance with moisture management capabilities designed to wick moisture away from the body and disperse it for more efficient evaporation. The result? Keeping you cool and dry so you don’t have to sweat it.

This technology is particularly close at heart with LYCRA® as well – when asked which of the six technologies they’re most excited about, says Ficorilli:

“While all of our technologies are important and deliver different consumer benefits, my personal favorite is LYCRA® COOLING Technology. Fabrics that qualify for LYCRA® COOLING technology deliver the consumer a fabric that is not only comfortable and provides a consistent fit, but it also wicks moisture. Think about bras, panties, leggings keeping you cooler and more comfortable.”

Here’s Why LYCRA® is Your New Athleisure BFF I {un}covered I

2. LYCRA® BLACK Technology

How about scooping up a new pair of the perfect, jet-black running tights only to experience said color washing out into a faded, grey-black within a few months? LYCRA® Black Technology has your back. This fiber is committed to keeping your deep, dark-colored duds looking like new wash after wash, virtually eliminating bothersome grin-through – and effectively making the case for 1 shade vs. 50.

Here’s Why LYCRA® is Your New Athleisure BFF I {un}covered I

3. LYCRA® W Technology

You can think of this fiber as the superhero to your formerly white tees and tanks gone by the yellowed wayside (we’re looking at you, pit stains). LYCRA® W Technology knows how important it is to keep your athleisure attire not only feeling, but looking, in tip-top shape wear after wear. That’s why special “W” luster fibers have been developed to enable deeper, richer colors that retain their hue through superior recovery power, including whites that actually stay white.

Here’s Why LYCRA® is Your New Athleisure BFF I {un}covered I


If you’re anything like us, the only thing getting you through that Saturday morning spin class is the thought of digging into a major plate of eggs bennie at brunch after (not to mention the side of fries). So wearing workout clothes with a serious stretch factor is a must. After all, the perk of wearing stretchy pants is that they actually stretch, right? LYCRA® Soft Comfort Technology agrees, providing gentle stretch, increased fit flexibility and just the right amount of compression – you know, enough to keep you sucked in and looking svelte without leaving you struggling to breathe (or creating muffin top). The result? Freedom of movement for all, once and for all.

Here’s Why LYCRA® is Your New Athleisure BFF I {un}covered I

5. LYCRA® T400® Technology

Think you’re the only one who wears athleisure for non-physical activities? You’re not alone. According to Mintel, 52% of consumers buy sportswear for non-sports use. So the next time you skip barre class and go straight to brunch in your new Lululemon’s you don’t have to feel so guilty.

LYCRA® T400® Technology also understands the desire to don athleisure regardless of the sweat factor, which is why this fiber was developed to add performance, style and lasting fit to casual, everyday wear. Think gentle stretch, moisture management and quick-dry appeal for total comfort from office to class to binge-watching The Bachelor at home (#guilty).

Here’s Why LYCRA® is Your New Athleisure BFF I {un}covered I

6. LYCRA® SPORT Technology

For the girl who lives for 5am runs – this fiber’s for you. LYCRA® Sport Technology blends greater garment performance with a slew of technical benefits like bi-directional stretch for increased freedom of movement, comfortable and long-lasting fit, lightweight, breathable fabrics and compression for important muscle support and recovery. With your workout clothes working for you, this means you can focus less on your formerly restrictive sports bra and more on beating your last time.

Here’s Why LYCRA® is Your New Athleisure BFF I {un}covered I

What’s next for LYCRA®? Says Ficorilli:

“While I can’t provide specifics, at INVISTA we are focused on delivering technologies that provide enhanced comfort, fit and shape for the consumer. We are focused on the athleisure movement, and we continue to target our innovation on enhancing consumer comfort benefits.”

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