20 Questions With: Beach Bombshell-Pro Surfer Sage Erickson

20 Questions With: Beach Bombshell-Pro Surfer Sage Erickson I {un}covered

Surf’s up would be an understatement.

Growing up between California and Hawaii, it’s no surprise Sage Erickson also grew up soaking in the sun – and surf. After picking up her first board at the age of 11 and rapidly scaling the competitive surf circuit by 16, Sage has since hit the big leagues now in her 4th year in the prestigious Women’s World Surf League Championship Tour – currently ranked in the Top 10. No big deal. While catching waves around the world the blonde bombshell is also a devoted healthy lifestyle advocate and occasional model, counting brand partnerships including a recent alignment with Tone It Up’s Perfect Fit Protein. And did we mention Sage was voted the hottest surfer in the world last year by Playboy and described by sponsor Oakley as “one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet?”

We caught up with the bonafide beach babe on career success, surf icons, the scariest thing that’s ever happened to her on a board, her unabashed coffee addiction, plus – what 3 items would Sage count on if stranded on a tropical island?

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1. Your surf story begins on Oahu’s North Shore. What do you miss the most about living there?

Though I was born and raised in California, a piece of my heart will always be in Hawaii. It’s where I began surfing and really living out the beach lifestyle.

2. At what age did you start surfing and at what point did you realize you could do this professionally?

I started later than most – I picked up a surfboard when I was 11. I realized this could become a career around the age of 16, when I started excelling more in surf contests up and down the coast of California. I never saw myself as the best but my results were pointing towards a future in the sport.

3. What would you say has been your biggest career success thus far?

Well – in surfing, definitely making the World Championship Tour. It’s the top best 17 women in the world and maintaining a spot on it each year gets even harder. This will be my fourth year and I’m proud of my consistency to keep up with today’s talent level. I’ve also been proud to make Maxim’s Top 100, been featured in Sport Illustrated, and was one of Esquire’s Women we Love. I love and am a consumer of mainstream media, so being a part of it has been an accomplishment as an athlete.

4. Scariest (or craziest) thing that’s ever happened to you on a surfboard?

Last year in Margret River during competition the waves were about 3 stories high. Literally rolling mountains. I had that moment where I wasn’t sure if one of the waves broke in front of me and if I would make it. Now I laugh seeing what people have been riding this year but still it was a fight or flight moment. Yet so beautiful at the same time. To firsthand feel how powerful earth and nature is was pretty magical.

5. Congratulations on your recent alignment with Perfect Fit Protein! What in particular spoke to you about the product?

For me not only as an athlete but as someone constantly striving to be the healthiest me ever (for myself and others), I found Perfect Fit Protein to stand for so much I naturally strive for in my life. Besides its awesome basic health benefits – non GMO, all organic, plant based, vegan – I love where it originated, and why it did. Katrina and Karena really believe in people and their ability to overcome any challenge. Surrounding yourself with people and things that build you up and make you better is one of life’s biggest keys. Seeing these women not only empower each other but thousands of other women, encouraging them to reach for their dreams is inspiring to me and my career. Also…I’m obsessed with the flavors. (haha) Vanilla and coconut.

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Above images courtesy Perfect Fit Protein

6. We love that you’re a fellow, unabashed coffee-addict. What are your top 3 favorite coffee spots (and/or brands)?

Ah, yes. I grew up in coffee shops for the first 10 years of my life so I guess its natural that I love it so much. I love Bear Coast Coffee in San Clemente, CA. Zumbar in Cardiff, CA has to have the best coffee I’ve tasted in the state. At home I love my good friend Morgan Massann’s coffee shop, called Breakfast. It’s one of Santa Barbara’s best, for sure. As for my coffee choice, I like french roast made at home or a soy latte when I’m out.

7. Top favorite surf spots in the world:

France, Australia, the basque country of Spain, and California of course!

8. Top 5 beach day essentials:

a. Bare Republic Sunscreen

b. Channel Islands Surfboard

c. Slow Tide Beach Towel

d. My phone to take all the beachy pictures I want!

e. I also like to bring along single use packets of Perfect Fit. These work well for me with my travel schedule.

9. Favorite surf and/or swim brands:

Hmm, Free People covers everything!

10. Because we have to ask – if you were stranded on a tropical island, what 3 items would you have with you?

a. My bible to get me through the days haha.

c. An iPod with all my favorite songs

c. My surf board hoping there’s waves out front.

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11. My go-to healthy snack is:

Perfect Fit smoothie or bowl. Anything involving peanut butter.

12. My all-time surf idol is:

Kim Mearig, she’s the legendary surfer from up in Santa Barbara. I’ve watched her style for many years and have tried to base mine after it.

13. My favorite surf moment in film is:

The moments where you see the beauty affect the individual.

14. If I weren’t a pro surfer, I would be:

Something bigger than I could imagine. I still can’t believe I’m a pro surfer and that’s how I make my living.

15. If you were to find me at the bar, I’d be drinking:

Anything tequila.

16. If I could pack up and go anywhere in the world tomorrow, I’d go to:

Norway or Tokyo!

17. Bikini or 1-Piece?

Lately I’ve been loving one pieces.

18. Sky Diving or Scuba Diving?

Neither. Oops.

19. Sunrise or Sunset?


20. What’s next for Sage Erickson?

I plan on making the top 5 on the World Championship Tour. And, reaching higher goals in my fitness!

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20 Questions With: Beach Bombshell-Pro Surfer Sage Erickson I {un}covered

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