7 Incredible Underwater Hotels You Can Stay In NOW

From sweet dreams –> sea dreams: these spectacular submerged getaways are going above and below to give you a sleep, swim and stay experience like no other. From Dubai to the Maldives, Florida to Sweden, get ready to dive in (in some cases, literally).

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The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

Images courtesy The Manta Resort.

Lying off the eastern coast of Tanzania, this private floating oasis is the resort’s one and only underwater hotel room – boasting a sun deck for catching some serious rays, a surface-level deck for sunset cocktails and a bedroom 4 meters below the surface bringing a new meaning to sleeping with the fishes. The all-inclusive suite will run you a cool $1500/night, falling on the more reasonable end of the luxury underwater accommodation scale.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Images courtesy Atlantis The Palm.

The impossibly romantic and luxuriously appointed Poseidon and Neptune Underwater Suites at Dubai’s Atlantis resort will set you back upwards of $7,000/night, but with good reason. You’ll be privy to a sprawling 3-story suite complete with floor-to-ceiling windows in the submerged bedroom and bathroom (amenities made of real gold, natch), where you can lagoon-gaze to your heart’s content at the surrounding 65,000+ varieties of marine life.

Utter Inn, Vasteras, Sweden

Images courtesy Utter Inn.

If simple living is your thing, take a short boat ride from Vasteras harbour in Sweden’s Lake Malaren to this quirky-yet-cozy floating retreat. The branchild of local artist Mikael Genberg, get ready to disconnect – you won’t find electricity or Wi-Fi here, but you will find stunning natural surroundings while you truly catch up on some R&R. Relax on the surface-level deck, take a dip, or explore one of the nearby uninhabited islands via your private dinghy, all before returning to catch some zzz’s in the 3 meter submerged bedroom complete with surrounding panorama windows. At just $300/night, this ranks as by far the most affordable option on the list.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort by Hilton Luxury Hotels

Images courtesy Conrad Maldives.

Sixteen feet below the surface in the Maldives lies Conrad Resort’s glass-domed Ithaa Restaurant, which on very special occasions (hello honeymoon) can be turned into a romantic, truly unforgettable room for 2. If your dream getaway includes sleeping while manta rays, dolphins, even sharks quite literally swim over your head, get ready to make a dent in your checkbook. While pricing isn’t listed on the website, a night in this room is reported to set you back a steep $11,500+ per night.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

Photo credit Matthew Paulson Photography

Get ready to dive in, literally. If you’re not already SCUBA certified, you’ll need to take Jules’ course for access into the world’s first, and only, fully submerged hotel. After diving 21 feet below the surface, you’ll emerge via a hatch into the former 1970’s laboratory turned 2-bedroom undersea guesthouse. Strip off your wetsuit and get ready to get cozy – you’ll be privy to all modern amenities including comfy beds, hot showers, A/C, DVDs, even working (and free) Wi-Fi. From $800/night for two, plus complimentary pizza delivery. Seriously.

Ocean Suites at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Images courtesy Ocean Suites at Sentosa.

At the southern tip of Singapore, 11 duplex suites within Resorts World Sentosa offer guests the best of both land and sea. Lounge and relax in the upper level’s living area (or better yet, take a dip in the outdoor patio’s jacuzzi), then head downstairs to the underwater bedroom for a view of 40,000+ varieties of fish and other marine life as you doze off to sleep. From $1500/night.

Lovers Deep (Mile Low Club) Submarine, Caribbean

Images courtesy Oliver’s Travels.

Bringing the underwater hotel experience to an entirely new level, book the Lover’s Deep Submarine for a truly submerged sanctuary that can be anchored off any Caribbean island of your choice. The entire sub is yours, save for a captain, butler and chef at your service – quartered in their own (soundproof) rooms at the other end of the craft. Expect speedboat transfers from the beach, champagne upon arrival (because, obviously), customized luxury accommodations…and a chance to join the Mile Below Club. From £175,000/night for two, we’re betting you’ll be one of very few making the list.